Images and Video for the web

Have the right selection if images, well formatted, properly edited and shot video, is crucial for a great looking web site, and getting the results you want from your web presence.

Great web media includes;

  • A portfolio of images to use across your site and social media
  • Product shots for commerce sites
  • Shooting video for your site and social media, scripting etc
  • Editing that video
  • Utilising the best formats and file size for use across various web applications for video and images
  • Selecting stock images for use that tell a story and look like they fit

We specialise in all of the above - from taking great product shots, to videoing interviews for the web. We edit, process and upload files for your use. Imagine getting a catalogue of 100 shots that you can use for the next years to promote your shop. What about a short 5 minute video that promotes your business on your website or on facebook?

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