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Web Development is the art and execution of the backend work of your website, as seperate to the way a website looks. The development takes into account the use of the database, the programming to make the website work, any third party software that is required to interact with your website (such as merchant facilities for an e-commerce website) and the like.

Getting this to all come together in a workable way that is secure yet predictable for a user is very important. Done wrong it can cost you time and money. Done right, it will win over your customers, and they won't completely know why.

In order to provide this service expertly we are expert in several areas;

  • Content Management Systems (CMS), including custom systems, as well as the more familiar Word Press and Magento.
  • Database's, including MySQL, MongoDB and Firebase
  • Server architecture using AWS
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP - using all the modern executions of these.

Do you have a need for a technology not on this list? Give us a call or send an email - either we will get it worked out for your project, or hire someone who is expert to get it done for you.

If you have a site that has been hacked (such as a Wordpress site) or it is broken for some other reason, give us a call and we will do everything possible to salvage the site or the siote's data for you. We have performed some miracles over the years in getting people's sites back to them after disasters, and can be trusted to do everything possible.

We are Melbourne based, so you can contact us directly. We can be visited face to face if need be (or we can come to you), and we understand the needs of your clients and what it takes to do business in Australia.

Contact us today to get started and get a quote on your next web development job.

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