Graphic Design

Graphic design is process of putting together text, images and other elements for the purpose of communicating ideas and concepts, commonly used for the purpose of advertising and branding.

eSquareNews puts to use years of training and experience to create the right graphic design for you and your business.

Logos and business branding involves fully understanding your business and adopting a style and design appropriate. The rules that govern logo design are important to determining your end result.

Branding also includes establishing consistent fonts, colours and design layouts across all of your promotion and marketing.

Here's a few more graphic design items that we can do for you:

  • Business signs
  • Print Ads
  • Preparing work for printers
  • Car sign writing
  • Stationary - business cards, letterhead etc
  • Pull up and display banners
  • Book and media illustration
  • Design elements - icons, logos - for print and web

Our services can be booked on a hour by hour basis, or on an agreed rate for a product delivered.

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