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Writing effective content for your web site and social media is essential, but could be a mine field.

There are many factors to take care of to get it just right;

  • Is the content the right length to be informative, but not lose the readers interest
  • Is the content grammatically correct, does it have spelling or typing mistakes?
  • Is it accurately researched, are facts backed up with resources?
  • Does the article convey the correct message coherently?
  • Does the content of the article add to the brand of the business, and in so doing doe sit contribute to the SEO of the site
  • Would the content cause a reader to want to contribute by commenting, clicking on a link, or buying from the store?

Getting this mix right can be difficult. Getting it right once a week for regular blog posts, or for the content that is going to sell your business on-line is of the highest importance.

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Having someone on tap who can write great articles that meet the above criteria, and can be done fast is great for your business. Give me a call today, and find out how easy it is to get started.

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