Web Developer Melbourne

eSquareNews has been operating as a web designer and web developer in Melbourne for over a decade. A long time indeed in this field!

We are specialists in designing websites that get the attention of your potential customers and help to turn those into actual customers.

We do this by understanding your business and your goals, what makes you unique, and what you offer your customers that others may not.

From here we design a website based on that information. We carefully select the images, write the text, design the layout. 
When this is done, then we sit down with you again. This is your opportunity to change or add in your own text, to look at design changes and so on.

We know that the business people of Melbourne understand what looks good, and what will work - more so than any other part of Australia (in my experience).

It is also true that Web Design has a particular look in Melbourne. It is usually very clean and professional looking - letting the product sell itself. It is also usual to use imagery of Melbourne in the design, if only subtly. Melbourne people love their city and like to associate it with their brand, as it strengthens it.

The icons of Melbourne, the personalities, the city and the people in general, all go together to make up what we understand to be our city. And no more is that better reflected than in our online presence. Social media, websites, even our emails.

And so we must work to ensure that tradition is maintained in everything that we do - the web sites we design and in the personal interactions. 

We offer Melbourne business our web development business, social media management, SEO, graphic design and server management.

Give us a call - we can come over and meet in a cafe - and work out what you need and how we can help to deliver it.