Made for Web Interview

eSquareNews recently produced a video for a client to help to demonstrate their business through a case study.

The video was initially filmed over a morning in perfect out door conditions. We used some additional lighting on the subject's face so that we could film with the sun almost behind the subject. 

Fortunately Grant, the person being interviewed, was a natural and I was able to have a casual conversation with him about his interaction with the business, Mrs Mortgage, and form that we were able to edit the finished product. Extra takes were only needed due to exterior sounds.

Equipment used was a Canon 1080p camera, 2 bright white LED lights, and sound was recorded on sound recording device with an external mic situated just out of frame. Editing was on Premiere Pro.

The client was very happy with the result. It was distributed through social media channels, as well on her own web site. Industry members who were shown the video were very impressed.

Here is the video: