Single Page Websites

What are single page websites - what type of business could benefit from them, and how do they work?

First off - I am a web developer in Melbourne, and have been in business for myself for over a decade, producing websites for mainly small and medium businesses. In that time I have seen many web trends come and go, and I know the importance that is staying on the fore-front of knowing what a customer, and the end user, wants form the web experience.

The matter that I want to bring up today - single page websites - is not necessarily a new phenonmena. In fact they have been around for some years, however, the skill and use of such websites is still emerging.

A single page site would be defined by a site that contains most or all of its basic information on a single page that would normally scroll downwards. The class might be divided into sites that dynamically create the information for the single page on the go (such as facebook or twitter), or a site that is mostly static.

When we are looking at that second category of site, the mostly static site - what type of business are we looking at? Of course there is no definitive answer, but generally speaking, any time we are trying to push one subject, promote one idea, a single page is perfect. 

A good example might be this site for Willow and Oak. They are a financial services business who did not nbeed the site for capturing new clients via the internet. The purpose was to add credibility and bona fides to the already established business. As such a potential or existing client would use the site to review the business. A single page was perfect - because it meant that a user would not have to click around to find out information, but be guided downwards to get the full picture.

Another is this fundraising page for a charity. In a similar way, this page guides the view down the page, increasing their understanding of the project, and are then invited to donate at the bottom of the page. Interestingly, while this site is a single page website because the viewer sees only one page, there are multiple pages used - one of which sends the form information to the card process company, and another generates an email to send to the donator. The page is then reloaded, but this time displaying additonal informsation to thank thr user for sending a donation.

So while it is single page, there is still a lot going on, some of which is seen, some of which is hidden.

What possible uses can you think of for a single page website? let us know what you think on twitter.