What is Google Mail?

Your IT guy might have suggested to you that using Google for your business mail is a good idea. What could he possibly be talking about?

You may have read my earlier article outlining what is going wrong with modern emails, and why there are problems with the system (if not check it out now).

The best solution is perhaps a little confusing, and on the face of it, counter-intuitive. My best advice (and possibly that offered to you by others) is to use Google Mail for your work emails.

Just to be clear about this upfront - that does not mean that you would have an email account ****@gmail.com. Google mail is able to use its core email engine to power your business emails, but still retain your business alias - in other words, you can utlise gmail, but with your regular domain instaead of @gmail.com.

So why would this be an advantage? There are a bunch of reason:

  • It's really easy to set up - on your desktop, phone, or access using the Gmail app in the browser
  • Google uses end to end encryption (regular email is not secure mainly)
  • Its really easy to set up for a business (some parts may need an expert though)
  • Users can be maintained easily by the admin of the account
  • Users also have access to google office production tools and secure storage that allows for simple sharing with other members of the team
  • accounts are paid on a month to month basis according to use
  • its simple to set up aliases, so an employee can receive mail to his personal account from broad or generic accounts

To set up a google mail account head to this page.

If you have reasons for not wanting to use Google, you can set up a similar (and just as poswerful) email service with outlook.

I hope this helps you. If you have any questions, please reach out to me on twitter.