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Over the years of working directly with Australian businesses we have narrowed down some of the most important features and user issues with content management systems (CMS).

You no longer need to struggle with the complexity of the one size fits all off the shelf CMS options, or be concerned with the security issues of code used millions of times over. With the eSquareNews custom CMS we provide you with only the options or features that you actually need or use.

We can also provide you with free training sessions to get you up and running fast.

CMS Dashboard

The dashboard provides you with all your options at a glance, as well as the most crucial information to you such as sales pending.

The layout is customisable, and you can add or remove options as needed.

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eCommerce information

You can elect to see and edit all of your eCommerce information.

This might include recent sales, completed sales, voided sales and income totals.

View or update customer information and manage deliveries and refunds. Works in well with popular eCommerce card facilities such as eWay or BrainTree.

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Product and article listing

Easy to read and search listings of your articles or products to browse, edit, remove or create newly.

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Writing Articles

Writing articles for blogs and news services has been made simple, with easy to use tools

You can write, edit and publish articles easily. It is also possible to have an article written by one person on the team and approved for publication by another. Easily unpublish expired articles.

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Google Product Feed

We can take your existing product list and turn that into a formatted XML feed for use in the Google Product Feed.

This can greatly increase your product exposure on Google when done correctly, and has the potential to greatly increase your sales.

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Email List Admin

Managing email addresses provided to you from forms on your website where the user has permitted you to use that email in marketing.

Addresses can be downloaded for use in third party software, or else the programming can be embedded directly to your admin CMS app.

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High Level Search

Using the latest in search technology we can provide the admin and user functions to return exact and highly relevant search results to your users.

Aspects of the search are customisable to return the best possible results - works on a data base of any size!

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Google Analytics

Embed Google Analytics directly into your admin CMS app, using only the graphs and stats that you want to see at a glance.

The process is so semaless that you will rarely need to open the Google page to see your analytics.

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Secure Logon

Logon and user updating is secure and robust.

This means that in most cases only the people you want to have accessing your admin app will have access.

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User Administration

Find lists of all administrators and their permissions. Message them from within the app or contact them using provided details.

Depending on your user level, remove or add admin users.

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We can provide much, much more. Just let us know what you want to have included and we will provide you with a quote.

Please feel free to contact us using the form below. we will get back to you immediately. If you have files to send to us or need to send more extensive information you might want to use one of the forms found here.