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Best Web Hosting in Australia

  • eSquareNews
  • 22nd February, 2016
Best Web Hosting in Australia

What makes a perfect web hosting package? Lets take a look at some of the most important factors and see an example of this.

We need to clarify what we want to host in order to determine the best web hosting plan.

For the sake of clarity I am going to look at the most usual website in Australia - its the 'information' site, perhaps with some sales, but defintely contact form, photos, about us and products.

If that is the case, then what makes up the 'perfect' hosting package?

Hosted storage: For this type of site you will need at least 5GB of storage, but 10GB is perfect. If you have lots of photos or videos you will of course need much more.

Traffic: Most of the best hosting packages will allow unlimited amounts of traffic. Its is unlikely that traffic volume should be much of an issue for this type of site.

Email Hosting: Most small and medium, businesses like to have their emails hosted and managed form the same plave as their website. It is cheap and uaually efficient. Their are betteroptions available, but many people will prefer the all in one solution.

Control Panel: This is grpahic interface on your computer screen that allows you to access aspects of your hosting. This means that your web designer is not the only person who can access your web site and hosting.

Technical help: There are many times when you will want to update or change the hosting without paying a professional. In this case you may need to be able to access that technical help for free.

Backups: usimng the control panel you should be able to back up your website and any databases.

Hosting location: Of course the servers should be physically located in Australia. Besides anything else this is a security and provacy point.

Technical stuff (skip if you want to!): PHP with different versions selectable, mySQL or other databases, ability to install SSL, CRON jobs (or similar) available.

This is my list of essential items. Is there anything you would add to this? Twitter me if you want to add something!

My perfect server for Australia is this one here.

It has 10GB storage, unlimited traffic, databases and plenty of email accounts.

What do you think?



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